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Guten Post Layout has a number of List layouts. And the fun part is, we are listening to your suggestions and adding more and more layouts to our plugin.

Let’s see what we are offering now in List Layout Section.

You need to have a few blog posts with featured images to use Guten Post Layout / Guten Post Layout Pro

Once you have installed Guten Post Layout Pro to your site, you will be having the ability to add the awesome designs on your blog using the List Layout.

From your WordPress Dashboard, click on the Pages and click Add New.

From WordPress DashBoard, Click Pages > Add New

Add a Page Title and Click on the + sign. Scroll down till you get Guten Post Layout Pro and click the Guten Post Layout Pro icon.

Adding Guten Post Layout Pro on your Page/Post

As soon as you click the Guten Post Layout Pro, you will see the following screen (The featured images and texts will not be same on your end).

Guten Post Layout Pro Default Layout View with Setting Panel

To know the usages of the setting panel of Guten Post Layout Pro, click the following URL.

Guten Post Layout Pro Setting Panel

To start using the List Layout, now you need to click the Layout Settings from the Layout tab of the Setting Panel.

List Layout Selection

Here, 1 is the Tab name, 2 is the Layout Type and 3 shows the Layout Styles

From 4 you can change any layout you want. On the current version, we are providing 4 Grid Layout Styles – Jaco, Betty, Bebo and Billy.

By default, Jaco is selected. You can change any CSS property you want after selecting a Slider Layout Style

If you want to see some sample List Layout styles. You can follow the following URL.

List Layout Demo

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