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Guten Post Layout Pro provides a few very advanced global settings for all the posts on a page. Considering user satisfaction, the plugin authors have added advanced settings to make your posts appear more elegant.

1) Background:

The Guten Post Layout Pro advanced setting offers the user to choose the post background color on a page. It allows the user to select from two types of backgrounds where each one has its specifications.

1) Classic: The Classic page layout settings allow the user to determine a custom background color for the page.

2) Gradient: Gradient allows you a color combination of two colors for the background.

  • Color: Color setting allows the user to select a background color for the posts.
  • Second Color: Select a second color for the gradient background. 
  • Location: A numerical valued scale allows you to select the reach of background colors on the page.
  • Type:  Choose in between two background styles.

   1) Linear 2) Radial

  • Angle: Select the gradient angle on a numerical scale of 0 to 360.

2) Box Shadow:

Guten Post Layout Pro allows the users to add shadows in the posts. Users can choose their desired box-shadow color and adjustments from the settings like Horizontal, Vertical. Also, you can custom select the Blur, Spread, and positioning from the settings.

3) Padding:

Customize the padding with a fully repositionable customization option. Padding can be edited individually for different devices.

4) Advanced:

If you know how to code, you might want to make something very unique. Guten Pos Layout pro allows the user to use Additional Custom CSS codes to modify the posts visuals.

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