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Guten Post Layout Pro has got a completely individual Style setting for the layouts. This style set provides the same kind of customization for the 4 options out of 5 options here.

  • Title Styles
  • Meta Styles
  • Category Styles
  • Content Styles
  • Read More Styles

Individual Customization Setting for each of these options:

  • Color: Choose a customized color for these settings. You can also add color values in hexadecimal to select the color.
  • Text Size (px): You can custom choose the text size in PX format individually for different device types (PC, Tab, Mobile).
  • Line Height (px): Adjust the text line heights here in px sizes for three different devices types (PC, Tab, Mobile). 
  • Font Family: Select particular fonts for your texts from almost all the fonts families available.
  • Text Transform: Choose the texts to be: 

   1) Lowercase 2) Capitalize 3) Lowercase 

  • Text Align: Adjust the text positions here to three different locations.

    1) Left 2) Centre 3) Right

  • Spacing Top (px): IncreaseorDecreasethe spacing on the top of the texts in px size individually for three different types of devices (PC, Tab, Mobile)

The fifth Read More consists of a few extra features alongside the described settings right before.

  • Normal/ Hover: The user can select the Read Me button to be a Normal button or a Hoover button.
  • Color/Background Color: Users can custom select the button color and the background color for the Read More button here.
  • Width: Choose the width of the Read More button here.
  • Border Radius: Adjust the border radius of the โ€˜Read Moreโ€™ button. 
  • Padding: Customize the Padding for the โ€˜Read Moreโ€™ button here. 

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