Gutenberg 4.2 RC Released!

With several significantly updated features, Gutenberg 4.2 RC (Release Candidate) got released today. There are performance improvements and refinements on the 4.2 RC. The significant change is containing the cycle for the formatting API to extend Rich Text components allowing to extend its controls more dynamically.

The “add block” inserter between two blocks has got some little tweaks. It used to add a paragraph block by default, and now it shows the full list of blocks.

Gutenberg 4.2 RC, GutenDev

The Gutenberg block developers can now use their own icons to register inside Gutenberg, which is pretty great.

There are some other minor changes too. Here is the full list of the changes in Gutenberg 4.2 RC. 

There are some minor bug fixing happened inside Gutenberg 4.2 RC. 

The other changes in Gutenberg 4.2 RC is given below. 

The mobile version of Gutenberg got also few updates and changes 

If you want to use the Gutenberg 4.2 RC, you can download it from here. If you find any bug or if you have a Gutenberg related question or you want a feature inside Gutenberg, feel free to open an issue here

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