Gutenberg Phase 2 Leads

Since the introduction of Gutenberg, it has become one of the most curious subjects for WordPress users. It’s pretty clear that the WordPress owners have some broad visions about the Gutenberg. As a result, the page editor from WordPress is going through some serious development phases. 

Although Gutenberg was just a page builder, with time, the development has pointed to an entire WordPress editor. According to WordPress, at first, this entire development process has been divided into four phases. In fact, it is not possible to complete such a big process without dividing it into pieces. 

The Automatic founder Matt Mullenweg has made a statement recently regarding these phases. 

Phase 1 of Gutenberg has been about upgrading the writing and editing experience of WordPress, across posts, pages, and the delightful things people do with post types. The block framework will allow us to drastically simplify the various concepts and user interfaces across WordPress, including widgets, TinyMCE magic sections, and shortcodes.

Phase 2 is about thinking outside the box, namely the post and page box, to allow Gutenberg to handle entire-site layouts. We will replace widgets with blocks, so any block will be able to be used in any registered “sidebar” for legacy themes, and we will upgrade “menus” to a navigation block.

Phase 2 will be led by @alexislloyd on the design and product side, and @youknowriad on the technical side. Please join me in welcoming these two and sharing your thoughts on Phase 2.

I’ll propose and discuss Phases 3 and 4 of Gutenberg at WordCamp US in December.

Matt Mullenweg

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