What’s new in Gutenberg 4.0

Finally we are going to get Gutenberg 4.0 and this will be, no doubt, as awesome we want. We will have the following changes in Gutenberg 4.0 as confirmed by Matias Ventura

There were some bug fixed in the 40th version of Gutenberg; They are as follow: 

There are some other changes too; You may find the changes in 4.0 ; 

For the smartphone users, there are some changes for you in the Gutenberg 4.0; 

For the Gutenberg and plugin developers, there are some changes for you too. 

  • wp.editor.RichTextProvider has been removed. Please use wp.data.select( 'core/editor' ) methods instead.
  • wp.components.Draggable as a DOM node drag handler has been removed. Please, use wp.components.Draggable as a wrap component for your DOM node drag handler.
  • wp.i18n.getI18n has been removed. Use ___x_n, or _nx instead.
  • wp.i18n.dcnpgettext has been removed. Use ___x_n, or _nx instead.

Your Gutenberg will be auto updated once the final version is released; If you want to test the RC version, just download from here and install it as you install your plugin. 

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