WordPress 5.0 Beta 1 Released!

This post will bring happy announcement that WordPress 5.0 beta 1 is released; If you want to take the risk of testing the bug full WordPress 5.0 I would suggest you download it from here and install on a local server; You can also file a ticket if you find a bug and if you want to contribute to coding or design, you can also do it; 

So, what’s new in this beta version?
Well, of course you will get a clean Dashboard. 

Clean Dashboard with New Twenty Nineteen Theme

A default editor, which is of course, you can guess, Gutenberg

For editing your posts or Pages, the force of Gutenberg will be with you

A lovely new theme Twenty Nineteen will be the default theme when you install WordPress 5.0 beta 1 . 

To adapt the block editor style, all the previous default themes were updated. So, they are not Gutenberg friendly. 

If you feel you can contribute to the new beta 1 version, you can do that by installing the beta version and creating tickets. For advanced developers, you can get started quickly with the tickets marked as good first bugs . There’s more on our reports page, like patches needing testing.

If you want to report any bug related to Gutenberg, you can create a new issue here. 

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