WordPress 5.0 Commit Management

Keeping our focus tight is key to ensuring WordPress 5.0 is released on time, so commit approval will be managed a little differently than usual. During this time, the 5.0 branch will be the working branch, rather than trunk, we can then port 5.0 commits to trunk after WordPress 5.0 is released.

And so, here is the current commit state of each branch:


trunk is closed for all commits.

4.9 Branch

The 4.9 branch is closed for all commits.

If the WordPress 5.0 schedule slips until January, PHP 7.3 fixes will be ported for a WordPress 4.9.9 release.

5.0 Branch

The 5.0 branch is current open for Gutenberg-related commits.

The 5.0 branch has been created from the 4.9.8 tag, not the 4.9 branch. Newer Gutenberg-related commits in the 4.9 branch will need to be ported to the 5.0 branch.

Prior to beta 1, any Gutenberg-related commits can be added by any committer. Commits not related to Gutenberg must be approved by me.

After Beta 1, commits must be approved by the relevant release lead, or me. After RC 1, commits must be approved by the relevant release lead, and me.

All other branches are in their usual closed state, except for security releases, of course.

Thank you, my dear committers, for your cooperation here. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled committing in short order. 🙂

Gary Pendergast

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