WordPress 5.0 RC2 Released

We are approaching to get a brand new WordPress soon. Today, a few hours ago, we have got WordPress 5.0 RC2. There are a lot of updates from the RC1.  Let’s see what we got on the Release Community 2 version. 

Make the Image Link URL field readonly

The Image Link URL field was not readonly mode on the RC1 but on RC2, you go the readonly mode for better security. 

Merge similar text strings for i18n

For the localised version of WordPress 5.0, you can now merge the similar text strings . In the last version the option of merging was unavailable. 

Improve block preview styling

Have you thought to see the Block Preveiw in a new style? If yes, from the RC2, you can see there is a slight change in the revieweing of the blocks. 

There are some minor updates too.

  • Simplify sidebar tabs aria-labels.
  • Fix getSelectedBlockClientId selector.
  • Fix IE11 focus loss after TinyMCE init. Add IE check.
  • Fix Classic block not showing galleries on a grid.
  • Fix visual issues with Button block text wrap.
  • Fix an issue where the block toolbar would cause an image to jump downwards when the wide or full alignments were activated.
  • Fix modals in Edge.
  • Move editor specific styles from style.scss to editor.scss in the Cover block.
  • Apply IE11 input fix only when mounting TinyMCE.
  • Avoid rendering AdminNotices compatibility component.
  • Change @package names to WordPress.

If you want to check out the RC2 of WordPress 5.0, you can downlaod it from here and install it on your development site. 
If you are unsue about how you cna install it on your site for the beta test, you may read this post. 
If you have any question regarding WordPRess or Gutenberg, you may contactr us by commenting below. 

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