Always Keep Your WordPress Updated

You must keep your WordPress updated! A very regular suggestion from WordPress experts all over the globe. It’s because the older versions are comparatively vulnerable and weak. If not, then why they would update another version?

WordPress has a community with millions of members. They are using it simultaneously and trying to make it better. Thus the bugs, security issues, errors within comes out. The WordPress support team immediately fixes once any user reports. 

WordPress automatically updates the minor updates. Hence, you only have to be careful about the major updates. Because most of the major updates are manual.

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An updated version contains the yet best features, services, compatibility, smoothness, and, most importantly, security bug fixes. Correspondingly, your site performance gets better every day with the regular updates.  

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If you are using an old version of WordPress, the hackers can look for websites using the older version of WordPress. Ultimately, this may result in you losing your Website. So, why taking such fatal risk?

Instead, always keep your WordPress updated. Therefore it’ll automatically save you from unwanted attacks. Not only the WordPress update, make sure that you also update the other 3rd party plugins, themes.

Posted by Zadhid Powell

Zadhid Powell is a Computer Engineer turned into a professional writer. Alongside, he's a B2B Marketer, Tech Writer, SaaS expert, Fintech ace, Data Science, ML, AI follower, and WordPress lover. Often you may find him rocking downtown clubs with his guitar or diving deep sea.