Guten Post Layout Pro

The Fastest and Best WordPress Post Layout Plugin

Make your websites interactive and with the touch of modern blog-post showcases

Finally, a WordPress Layout Building plugin that’s Easy and Powerful

Guten Post Layout Pro is the most powerful plugin you can ever get for building awesome post layouts. You can design your posts’ showcase pages in few clicks. There are thousand of combinations of Grids, Sliders, Lists and Masonry.  Just chose a layout and start customizing as you want. 

Zero Coding Skill Required

Guten Post Layout Pro requires zero coding knowledge. Everything you want to customize are on the setting panel.

Most Attractive Setting Panel

We have Designed the most attractive and scientific Setting Panel for you because we care your time and affords.

15+ Interactive Layouts

Guten Post Layout Pro has 15+ builtin layouts. Moreover you can get thousands of combinations of layouts.

Customize any option

By changing the color, fonts, icons and other properties you can make your own layouts. It is super easy and fun.

Change any style

Any style of a layout can be changed. You do not need to write a single line of CSS while changing the style.

Custom Post Query

We have added custom post query in Guten Post Layout. You can perform queries just by taps.

Custom Post Types

Besides the customization of the default posts, pages or media, you can showcase your custom posts too.

Toggle Meta Options

In the setting panel, you can hide or show the meta options just by toggling a switch!

Equal Height Post Image

Equal Height for all posts is not always easy. So, we have added this option to make images same height.

Custom Post Background

You can add custom background of your posts. You can use any color or even gradients as a background!

Adding Box Shadow

Adding box shadow of a post can never be that easy. Using our plugin, you can add box shadows just in one click.

Most Affordable Price

We are offering the pro version of Guten Post layout with most affordable price and with stunning designs.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest on Guten Post Layout Pro

Guten Post Layout Pro is the best plugin you can ever get with such affordable price and you can get around thousands of design combinations for your post’s showcase!

Guten Post Layout Pro has the options to perform any kind of query you want!

Our Guten Post Layout Pro can perform queries in a nanosecond! We made this faster queries in sorting posts on your showcase because we care about your time and we know how stressful to wait while a plugin does not work as expected. You can perform your queries for your Posts, Pages, Blocks, Media or even custom posts! You can query them by Categories or Tags. You can include your posts by ids or exclude them too. The query orders can be by Date, Title, Menu Order or even Random! Of course you can order them by Descending and Ascending way.

Guten Post Layout Pro has the most advanced Setting Panel and you will love it!

We have done our research on our plugin’s setting panels. We came to know lots of things form the outcome of the research. We have implemented our research’s findings on the development of the plugin’s settings panel. We have divided our setting panel into three tabs – Layout, Style and Advanced! And placed the perfect settings with collapsible categorized options on each tabs. Gutenberg editor’s setting panel can never be better than that. 

Guten Post Layout Pro understands your needs and you can decorate your contents as you wish!

Our Setting Panel has the best options to be used in tidying up your contents. We understand that the users of our plugin are different and their choice of style is also different. So, we have given the freedom to customize and change anything you want form the setting panel. You do no need to write a single line of CSS to change any of the style of any layouts. All you need is to click and select! 

Get yourself lost in the awesome layouts. Just click and your posts will be arranged in the awesome ways!

We have best thinkers and designers in our team; We have created most problem solving designs and stunning layouts to make your website look professional and smart. We have added 15+ layouts in the present version of Guten Post Layout Pro! But this is not the end! You can customize the styles and make your own layouts by yourself. So, technically there are thousands of combinations you can create your layouts using Guten Post Layout Pro!

The Best WordPress Post Layout Plugin

Becoming the number one Layout building plugin is not easy. So we have been working hard to make your life easier and creating stunning layouts for you. You are one click away of getting the most amazing plugin! 

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

The following list is the list of all the frequently asked question of the users of Guten Post Layout and Guten Post Layout Pro. If you do not find your answer here, please contact us

Absolutely not! We have the most scientifically designed setting panel with all sort of abilities to change the styles of any elements. So, you need nothing but the ability to watch and click. 

This is not necessary but you may install the free version of Guten Post Layout form here: and then you can buy any of the package to get the pro features enabled. 

Yes, you can use Guten Post Layout Pro with any theme. Besides, if you face any problem using Guten Post Layout Pro with any theme you may contact us here

Yes absolutely.

You can use Guten Post Layout with Gutenberg Editor aka Block Editor.

Nope! you do not need to pay a single penny to get the support! And trust me, we have the best support team in the market!

Yes. You can use Enhanced Blocks with Guten Post Layout Pro! A hidden tip: You can make your layouts even more stunning with Enhanced Blocks’ blocks! 

Yes. We have the following policy for the refund: “If you have problems getting our products to work, we are happy to provide you with a full refund within 7 days of the original purchase. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 7 days from the purchase date.” Here is the full Terms and Conditions if you are interested:


Like its performance, Guten Post Layout Pro comes with the most affordable pricing plan. We offer you more and charge less compared to the other plugins you might find. The price includes 1 year updates and VIP support.

Single Site License

A great starting place for individual users who manage One WordPress Website


Agency License

A great starting place for individual users who manage Twenty WordPress Website


Unlimited License

A great starting place for individual users who manage Unlimited WordPress Website


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you do not like Guten Post Layout Pro! Do not worry about if, your money is safe with us. We will definitely back your money if you are not satisfied. Just open a ticket here.