WordPress Website Speed Optimization

According to Neil Patel from Ubersuggest, A 1-second delay costs you 7% in conversion, which leads you to increase your WordPress website speed. Similarly, the user tends to care more about the site performance and smoothness rather than the quality content you’re providing. 

Images with large sizes are one of the most vital obstacles to increase your WordPress website speed. Here you can use the TinyPNG to decrease the size of the images. Also, you can use the default image optimization feature from your WordPress dashboard. 

A great host company increases your WordPress website’s speed. Likewise, sure that your host has an excellent performance in speed management. Significantly, hosts like Bluehost, SiteGroundWPEngine provide a very promising speed of 1/2 seconds regularly. 

Another significant factor is a fast and responsive theme. As your entire WordPress site throttles through the themes, buy a quality one. Here it’ll decrease your page loading time. 

Catch files are temporarily stored data in your hard disk. As catch files make your website run slow, try using a caching plugin is a wise solution. A catch plugin will keep your site free from such files. Consequently, your site speed and performance both will increase.  

Altogether there are plenty of factors that play such roles increasing your WordPress website speed. There is always a beginning and much more to do. Start on an element, resolve it, and go for another. 

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