Choosing the right WordPress theme for your Website

Choosing the right WordPress theme is somewhat tricky. Most of us have no clear conception of the perfect idea. The requirement should be an elegant visual with super responsiveness. 

Thousands of WordPress themes are out in the market. Each of them looks better than others. Hence it gets complicated to choose the most suitable one. 

A typical wrong practice is focusing on the look. Consequently, an elegant looking theme may make your site very slow. Likewise, a sleek look doesn’t ensure speed and smoothness. 

Choosing themes with different colors, complicated layouts, animations, etc. is a common fetish. Furthermore, a simple website serves the best solution. Simplicity is the new art. 

The importance of responsiveness and browser compatibility arises since a large number of traffics using cellphones and other portable devices. Most WordPress websites are mobile-friendly and browser compatible, yet we can check on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Choosing the right WordPress theme also needs a few more considerations like SEO support, color & fonts, plugin support, weight, etc. Comparatively, a premium theme serves a better solution.

It’s ultimately the user’s wish. A great idea is WordPress allows changing website themes. Still, you should go through detailed research before choosing one. 

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Posted by Zadhid Powell

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