Using Featured Images on Posts in your WordPress Sites

In WordPress, a Featured Image becomes a brief reflection of the entire post. Consequently, the first impression comes from the image. Hence, the necessity of Featured Images arises into consideration. 

One picture is worth a thousand words. People say it because images have the power of grabbing attention and delivering broader messages instantly. 

Because of our fundamental human nature, a visible appearance has more acceptance to the users. As a result, it increases the number of clicks on your posts resulting in traffic growth. 

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You can use featured images on your posts regarding the topic, maybe as thumbnails. 1200 x 600 or 1920 x 1080 are two trendy Featured Image size for WordPress websites. Mostly it varies depending on user choice and page contents. 

In essence, we can say that a featured image reflects professionalism and creates significance. As using featured images in WordPress has been a very usual thing, most WordPress users look for it frequently.

In that case, the use of featured images is a very professional move. If you are a WordPress user, we suggest considering it a Must. 

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