Allow Guest Posting [Benefits & Drawbacks of Allowing Guest Posting]

Inviting other writers from the industry to write blogs on your website is always useful to grow your business. Everyone wants to grow, but growing together has always been better and faster than growing alone. Here, Guest Posting plays a solid & smart role.

Besides, allowing guests to publish blogs on your website helps to develop good relationships with other writers in the industry. Thus allowing guest posting always comes with a positive impact and opens doors to prospective promotional possibilities.

What is Guest Posting?

What is Guest Posting?
Allow guest posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is a prevalent content marketing strategy. A writer posting or publishing his writings on a third party website is known as guest posting.

Generally, it’s a practice of one writer or blogger writing on another person’s website. In other words, you are allowing other writers or bloggers to write on your website, and you are also writing for their or other websites. It can be a one way or vice versa process.

Why Should You Allow Guest Posting?

Why Should You Allow Guest Posting

A significant number of organic visitors come from google search. Making a great friendship with Google is one of the best ways to get organic visitors and users.

However, Google offers friendship in a very sophisticated way, requiring plenty of high-quality content and blogs! Sometimes its a very complicated job to get it done.

Are you capable of creating enough versatile and high-quality content all by yourself?

Yes, you may be a prolific writer, a lone wolf.

But what’s better than one writer?

Multiple writers!

In the WordPress community, everyone has their unique thoughts about business growth. Not everyone developed their business following the same method. Consequently, at this point, an opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing appears.

On the other hand, the idea of guest posting has been reputably successful. A significant number of WordPress websites allow guest posting. That’s because unity is strength.

The WordPress gurus of the community often found sharing blogs on other websites and also allowing guest posts on their websites. Thus, it indicates that the idea of allowing guest posts has a very positive impact on the WordPress market.

The Benefits of Allowing Guest Posting

allow guest posting, 
The Benefits of Allowing Guest Posting

Only a few strategies impact as much as blogging impacts on your business growth. So, if you wish to grow your business and grow your online influence, you need a good number of quality blogs and content on your web site.

Guest posting helps you in many significant ways. Particularly in terms of getting organic visitors, blogging is highly effective. Whether you are an individual with a blogging website or a company trying to grow in the market, guest blogging benefits everyone.

Let’s discuss a few significant benefits of allowing guest posting.

1. Diverse Contents

allow guest posting, Diverse Contents

When you allow guest posts on your website, you offer your users contents with different styles and different materials. As a result, all your blog topics won’t be similar. On the other hand, diversified content brings visitors with different interests. Besides, different authors with different interests and distinct contents, which draws traffic from various aspects.

Say, a user visiting your website following a blog about the best restaurants or food items of a city. He may also be interested in diet or health-related posts on the same site. All you need is to collaborate with the writers and allow them to contribute.

2. Get Organic Traffic

allow guest posting, Organic traffics

Every writer has their target audience and his self-promotional plans. Once a blogger starts posting on your website, he will look forward to getting a broad reach on the internet. Whatever, it is through social media or other mediums, you get many new organic audiences browsing on your website.

On the other hand, these new audiences are not random spammers. They visit your site by clicking on the blog links posted on different websites and social media platforms. Now, you can assess the number of traffic you could get from several writers writing quality guest posts on your website and promoting their blogs on the internet.

3. Backlink Creation

One of the most significant benefits of allowing guest posting is being able to spread your website links all over the internet. Your website will start getting backlinks from different websites. The better your networks spread on the internet, the more traffic you get.

The guest bloggers you are allowing to contribute to your website are also writing on many other websites. It’s a common tendency of writers that they connect their blogs backlinking with one another. As a result, your site gets backlinks from different websites.

Search engines like Google prefer websites with good backlinks, which results in a good SEO score. You should keep an eye on the backlinks since Google AI prefers relevant backlinks.

4. Improve Your Writing Skill

Every writer or blogger has got expertise in a particular aspect. Everyone brings a unique perk into their work. While you work in collaboration with other writers, you get to learn new things from them. Free knowledge is always excellent! Never lose a chance to learn.

When you work with other writers, try analyzing their quirks and skills. These factors could help you to gain different perspectives. Though it’s not an overnight process, it surely has a very positive outcome.

5. Build Relationships with Growing Professionals

It’s a universal truth that professionals get priority everywhere. The newbies may be trying heart & soul to gain traction or a place in the market, and they remain beneath that priority radar. Through guest posting, you get a chance to interact directly and collaborate with them.

Besides, there are plenty of newcomers who are trying to make a name in the business world. Give them a lift up if you can, someday they might grow big in the market. They won’t forget your hospitality. But, don’t forget to review their contents carefully and give them feedback about the necessary improvements.

6. Branding

Branding Benefits of Guest Posting

If your blog site is getting a healthy reach, it means people are reading your content. Make sure that you put something significant and personalized, something like your signature or your voice in every post you make. It’ll create an image of you on the reader’s mind.

Besides, it’s your website and your name that are getting a significant number of reach on the internet. Everywhere the links are reaching, carrying your web identity and significance.

7. Develop Your Online Authority

In this era of online marketing, authority plays a significant impact. It’s pretty evident that the marketers with better online authority get prioritized online. Even Google SEO algorithm shows a better response in their blogs.

Posting more quality blogs would help you to create an online authority. The equation is straightforward; the better the content you post, the higher your online authority grows.

Also, guest posting introduces you to the best professional bloggers in your niche. Hence your name will regularly publish with their names. As a result, it’ll be only a matter of time for you to start earning respect from other bloggers.

8. Grow Solid & Faster

Guest Posting Grows Your Brand Solid and Faster.

While new writers are trying to make a name in the industry, the smart ones try their best to be more professional. These young guns usually have a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. Moreover, if they are professionals already, it won’t take them much time to fulfill your website with high-quality content. 

Besides, when you are publishing plenty of content on your website regularly, it’s keeping your website updated with new and fresh content. Uploading fresh & unique content regularly keeps your website SEO score in good shape.

If you keep a steady supply of updated quality content, it won’t take you much time to reach a standard position in the market. Also, while multiple writers are posting, it’s easier to maintain the quality of the blogs since no one is taking excessive pressure. Beware, one mind may fail easily, but if you rely on a handful of them, you will simply bypass such a crisis.

9. Discover Business Opportunities

Allowing guest posting opens different business opportunities for you. There are product owners who always look for popular websites for a good promotion of their products. If you have a popular website, different product owners would ask you to let them do product placement. Well, most of the time, these placements are paid promotions.

Also, there are plenty of opportunities for white label guest posts. Agencies are always looking for white label guest posts. It’s because hiring a writer from the relevant field is better than doing the work with a generic writer.

10. Social Media Growth

Allowing guest posts affects your social media growth profoundly. Blogging is still influential as one of the best social media growth tools considering the diverse number of tools available nowadays. Your reach over social media increases the number of followers and subscribers. The more followers you gain, the more potential clients you get.

Drawbacks of Allowing Guest Posting:

We should make peace with the truth that nothing on this earth comes without a downside. Allowing guest posts also has a few drawbacks.

Comparatively, it has rather a few and minor drawbacks considering the benefits it offers.

1. Time Consuming

Allowing Guest Posting

Allowing guest posting requires much time, energy, and commitment. Communicating numerous bloggers, regularly collaborating with the writers, reviewing, and choosing final articles are time-consuming. Besides, this process often diverts your mind from your regular web works.

However, If you are a full-time blogger, and your only concern is the growth of your blog website, it can be an excellent stand for your business.

2. Needs Good Promotion

Allowing Guest Posting

Guest posting needs extensive promotional activities to get new writers. People won’t simply start posting their articles on your website. Nowadays, the process of creating a blogging website takes just a few clicks. Writers can simply create a website on their own and start posting their blogs there.

Hence, you need excellent promotion to catch attraction, and also your blogs should hold a standard market position. You need to promote your brand image precisely to the writers. If you can’t add value to their vision, the bloggers won’t be interested in writing on your website.

3. Difficult to Get Quality Guest Posts

Several writers may send blogs on topics irrelevant to the ones you offer. Others might send multiple articles on different topics. As a professional, you neither want to disappoint the guest bloggers nor hurt your quality standards.

The entire process of allowing guest posting can get messy if you fail to find out the useful and relevant posts. You have to check every received post to find the one that meets the standard of your website. 

Also, the professionals are busy making money writing paid articles. You may receive most of the articles from the newbies. These contents need to go through several review sessions to make them work out professionally.

4. Guest Posting Management is Somewhat Difficult

As simple as ghost posting may sound, the reality doesn’t reflect the same. Managing several writers and their posts need plenty of focus and effort. As you are going to post on your website, you have to make a solid strategy so that it works out correctly.

Before posting a blog on your website, it needs to go through reviews for clarity and vision. Reviewing these posts, sadly, is going to take hours away from your life. Evaluating a post, giving feedback to the writer, and then re-evaluating the correction from the writer needs proper management. Since you are dealing with several posts on different topics from multiple writers, the lack of a suitable system can make the entire process tedious.

5. Exposed to Spam

Allowing Guest Posting

It’s a common tendency of writers to not feel like reading the guidelines correctly. They read the headlines saying “Writers Needed” or “Write For Us” and simply start sending in write-ups. This way, you are exposed to plenty of spams.

Also, you’ll receive plenty of other random promotional spam emails. Well, if you offer your email online, it’s quite reasonable. At this point, my suggestion is to use a second email account for this.

Bottom line

If your website insights show that the new and fresh blogs and other content are playing a useful role in the growth of your business, it is best if you continue this approach to benefit from guest blogging.

As we all know, the best way to keep a fire awake is to pour more fuels in it. So, keep doing it and enjoy the traffic! 

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