15 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins for WordPress Websites 2021

WordPress brought a significant change with the revolutionary WordPress Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg allows customized build blocks to boost editing performance. Hence, there are thousands of plugins offering additional Gutenberg blocks for the users.

These Gutenberg block plugins significantly enhance Gutenberg’s performance. It’s because the Gutenberg block editor has a vibrant collection of blocks, yet they are very generic. Here, some plugins cover the missing blocks, and some add utterly new kinds of blocks.

But the biggest question here is, β€œWhat are the best Gutenberg plugins for you to choose?”

The 15 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins for WordPress

The debate will go on because the requirements vary from users to users. Not everyone gets satisfied with the same features offered. Therefore we are going through 15 Gutenberg block plugins that have built an excellent reputation with their features and services. 

1. Stackable- Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Stackable Gutenberg plugin is a block library plugin specially made for the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. This WordPress Gutenberg plugin offers 23 super functional and stunning Gutenberg blocks to change the WordPress page building experience to another height.

If you’re struggling with a website page or a landing page, relax and get the freemium Stackable Gutenberg block plugin for free. Use advanced and diverse web design options for creating your pages. It includes everything necessary for a professional page building.

Stackable offers 23 blocks, which include numerous necessary blocks like header block, CTA block, video pop up block, testimonial block, advanced button, team members block, etc. Also, an advanced image editor and colour options with hover effects.

Unlike other Gutenberg plugins, Stackable grants a professional and advanced web design option with the easiest possible usability. Professional and advanced users like bloggers & entrepreneurs can enjoy the advanced precision options for their website building.

Key Features: 

  • 23 Gutenberg Page Builder Blocks.
  • 50+ Block Layouts with Single Click Switch
  • 70+ Pre-Set Page Section
  • Background Control 
  • Advanced Web Designing 
  • Page Building with a Single Gutenberg Block.
  • Numerous Color and Image Customization Options.
  • Separators/Shape Dividers
  • Free Stackable WordPress Theme
  • Customizable Responsiveness Options

2. Guten Post Layout: Advanced Post Grid Blocks Plugin

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3_Guten-Post-Layout-1024x536.png

Guten Post Layout Pro arranges all your WordPress posts on the website within a few clicks. It’s that simple! No coding, No shortcodes! Just click a few times and get post grids, post sliders, etc. Trust me, building beautiful post grids does not get easier than this.

Create post grids, customize as many times and ways as you want. Also, get fully customizable 15 predefined interactive layouts in 4 different styles. Slightly change the Layout setting and Query settings to create thousands, even a million combinations!

Guten Post Layout Pro offers 20+ demanding post layout features that make you a pro blog designer only in a few seconds. Get advanced features like Custom post type UI, Additional settings, Taxonomy query, Magazine Website, Box shadow, and many more with this plugin.

Use Guten Post Layout Pro to Showcase your social and product feeds, blogs beautifully, and engage in traffic like never before. Despite the number of features offered, this plugin is super fast with your new and old posts. Install the plugin and go to the page to edit. Everything else is super easy from there on.!

Key Features: 

  • 15+ Interactive Built In Layouts
  • 20+ post Grid Features
  • Thousands of Combinations
  • Any Option Customization 
  • Advanced Query Settings, & Layout Settings 
  • Taxonomy Query 
  • Custom Post Types
  • Most Advanced Settings Panel
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly 
  • Custom Background

3. WP Social Ninja: WordPress Social Promotion Plugin 

WP Social Reviews

WP Social Ninja collects all your social reviews, ratings, recommendations from all your different social platforms and display them organized on your WordPress website. This plugin lets your testimonial do the promotions for you to your visitors.

For example, we can consider Google reviews or Facebook reviews. It’s an all in one solution for you. You will not only import reviews, recommendations, ratings but also add social feeds, or even add live messenger chat on your WordPress website for better communication with the visitors.

Enjoy features like shortcodes support, Review text trimming, most page builder support, Reviewers Privacy, Zero loading time, Realtime sync, Custom CSS fields, etc. Furthermore, showcase the reviews beautifully using the fully customizable prebuilt templates.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Social Platforms Integration 
  • Supports All Page Builders
  • Facebook and Twitter Feeds Live Display 
  • On-Page Messenger Live Chat
  • Sort Reviews by Ratings
  • Hide Google Reviews without Texts 
  • Grid, Slider, Masonry Layouts 
  • Create and Customize Layouts  
  • Simple One-Click Integration 
  • Request Features 

4. Ultimate Blocks: Gutenberg Blocks Plugin 

Ultimate Blocks is currently the one of the most popular Gutenberg block plugins for marketers and bloggers. Since the Ultimate Blocks came into the market, Gutenberg content management has become more comfortable using the ability to create engaging content.

Ultimate Blocks Offers 19 astonishing blocks to decorate your posts. This amazing Gutenberg plugin shows your content with a sense of elegance and maximum usability. Also, you get comprehensive customization options to edit your blocks as you wish.

Get blocks like Review Block, CTA block, Content filter block, Testimonial block, tweet button, Content Toggle block, and many more. One block that like a lot is the Content Filter block, which allows users to filter the contents and show precisely what they want.

User readability and engagement increases while they get a clean and well-organized content page. None of us love to browse a messy and poorly organized page. Hence the importance of a super useful and professional block plugin like Ultimate Blocks increases.

Key Features: 

  • 18+ Exclusive Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Content Filter
  • Special Features for Bloggers & Content Marketers.
  • Countdown Blocks 
  • Post/Page Star Rating Block
  • Twitter Block 
  • Enable/Disable Blocks by Block Manager
  • Super SEO Friendly
  • Specially Coded For Speed Optimization
  • Advanced Responsiveness

5. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is the most used and reputed Gutenberg block plugin yet. Besides, Brainstorm Force, the creators of Astra theme, Schema Pro, has created Ultimate Addons. As a result, you can import Astra and all their demo starter websites.

With the 20 advanced and powerful blocks, build and design your professional website in a few clicks only. Just click on the block to select and to create your website with several unique and creative blocks. Also, get easy usability with advanced customization.

Ultimate Addons offers robust Gutenberg blocks like Advanced Heading, Advanced Column, Content Timeline, Gravity Form/Contact Form 7 styler, Marketing Button, etc. You can use the outer wrap section, which allows adding other blocks within.

Maintaining several site builder plugins can be messy. Thus Ultimate Addons comes in the rescue. Use the WordPress editor and Ultimate addons along with the Astra theme to build a complete website. Get rid of other plugins and keep your site significantly light.

Key Features: 

  • 20+ Prebuilt Free Gutenberg Starter Sites.
  • Astra Gutenberg Theme for Free
  • Advanced Heading/ Column Features
  • All-in-One Plugin Functionality
  • Advanced Heading/Columns
  • Flexible usability with Special Speed & Performance
  • Pixel Perfect Designing 
  • Prebuilt Gravity Forms Styler
  • Prebuilt Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Builds Faster and Better Performing Website

6. Atomic Blocks: Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Atomic Blocks offers a collection of Gutenberg blocks to build website pages. Though you get all the basic blocks from the Gutenberg editor, Atomic Block provides you a few additional advanced customizable blocks for creating eye-catching, beautiful web pages.

One very significant thing about Atomic Blocks is, in the Section & Layout block, it offers Full page layout designs, beautiful page sections, customizable buttons. In other words, you get everything basic to advanced for an elegant and robust page building.

Unlike other Gutenberg block plugins, Atomic Blocks allows extensive customization options for every block. Offering blocks like Pricing Block, Testimonial Block, Inline Notice Block, CTA Block, etc. this Gutenberg plugin eases the complication of page building.

Atomic Blocks also offers a WordPress theme called Atomic Blocks theme. This theme is mainly built for the Atomic Blocks plugin and the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Thus it supports all kinds of Gutenberg blocks. Atomic Blocks has Google AMP support in each block!

Key Features: 

  • 15+ Advanced Gutenberg Blocks 
  • Free Atomics Blocks Theme
  • Pre-designed Page Sections and Page Layouts
  • Advanced Section & Layout Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Inline Notice Block
  • Customizable Button Block
  • Post Grid Blocks 
  • Special Google AMP Support 
  • Speed Optimized & Flexible 

7. Kadence Blocks: Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

If you’re looking for a highly functional Gutenberg block plugin, Kadence Blocks is one of the first block plugins to consider. This plugin offers custom blocks and editing features that increase Gutenberg block editing experience to a superior level

Kadence offers 12 different and engaging Gutenberg blocks. You may not find such blocks in other Gutenberg block plugins. Kadence Blocks provides a few different blocks like Advanced Heading, Row Layout, Accordion Advanced Button, Icon, Spacer, etc.

While talking about Kadence Blocks, one particular block must be highlighted. It’s the Row Layout, which can customize the number of columns, adjust with different screen sizes in a page, create customized backgrounds, and even the padding, margin, and dividers. 

On the other hand, Kadence Blocks allows you to control every block individually. Activate/Deactivate the blocks directly from the WordPress dashboard. Only keep the necessary blocks activated while working on a page and maintain a lightweight website.

Key Features: 

  • 12+ Gutenberg Blocks 
  • 1500+ SVG Icons
  • Advanced & Responsive Page Building
  • Configure Defaults ( Button, Tabs, Row, Heading)
  • Advanced Background Controls
  • Prebuilt Form Blocks
  • Advanced Gallery and Buttons 
  • Customizable Mobile Design 
  • Advanced TypoGraphy
  • Prebuilt Design Library 

8. Advanced Gutenberg: Gutenberg Blocks Collection 

Advanced Gutenberg is a Gutenberg block plugin that adds advanced features to your WordPress site. As the default WordPress Gutenberg editor gives all the basic blocks, Advanced Gutenberg fills up the missing blocks to build super professional websites.

This Gutenberg Block plugin Offers 25+ super-efficient blocks that give you full control over website building. Significantly, Blocks like Advanced Table, Advanced Button, Advanced Tabs, Contact Form, login form, etc. resolves the multi plugin installation issue.

Notably, the Woo Products block, which can professionally showcase your WooCommerce product. Besides, you also get the latest product slider with it. Alongside the Advanced Image/Video blocks, Counter blocks also got a lot of positive user attention.

It’s the users who can truly validate how useful a plugin is. Not to mention that this Gutenberg Block plugin has made a strong reputation in the WordPress Gutenberg niche. At this moment, 20,000+ active users endorse the real effectiveness of this plugin.

Key Features: 

  • 27+ Advanced Gutenberg Blocks 
  • User Access, User Roles Control to Gutenberg Blocks
  • Gutenberg tabs block
  • Latest WooCommerce Product Slider
  • Gutenberg Column Manager with Predefined Layouts
  • Customize Gutenberg Editor Size 
  • Advanced Image and Video Blocks
  • Email and Contact Form blocks 
  • Custom Style for Each Block
  • Latest Posts and WooCommerce Products

9. CoBlocks- Gutenberg Page builder Blocks

CoBlocks Gutenberg Page Builder Blocks Plugins

CoBlocks is one of the most popular WordPress Gutenberg block plugins. This plugin has got an advanced collection of WordPress page builder blocks. The ability to create customized columns and rows offers a proficient page building experience.

Significantly, this plugin offers a rich collection of 26 unique and advanced blocks as well as 5 style gallery blocks to use in website building. CoBlocks offers blocks like Resizable Rows/Columns, Social Block, GitHub Gist Block, tweet, Pricing Table block, etc.

One fantastic feature is being able to design a dynamic grid system using the super responsive Row Block. Also, you get the freedom to customize using drag & resize, padding set, background images, etc. Alongside designing, enjoy an excellent typography control panel.

CoBlocks has got 2,00,000 active users currently, which indicates the reputation Coblocks has made in the WordPress plugin market. The number of features offered and the total user’s number indicates that Coblock is one of the best Gutenberg plugins to use.

Key Features:

  • 26 Unique and Advanced Blocks 
  • Breakthrough Page Builder System
  • Row and Columns blocks for Technical & Stylish Design
  • Advanced Typography Controls: Fonts, Weights, Sizes, etc.
  • Resizable Row/Columns Blocks
  • Social Profiles Block
  • Developer Friendly- Adaptable, Extensible, and Open source
  • Get ‘Go’ Theme For Free
  • Super Responsive Grid System 
  • Performance and Usability Focused

10. Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Getwid Gutenberg Block Plugin has got the biggest collection of blocks for any WordPress Gutenberg Block plugin. This plugin comes with 40+ versatile core WordPress blocks. Among these, 35 blocks are pre-made unique block templates for the block editor.

With this fantastic Gutenberg plugin, you get all these blocks for free, while other plugins reserve some for premium versions. You can create super-efficient landing pages, eye-catching portfolios, service pages, etc. You are free to let your imagination go wild, and Getwid Gutenberg Blocks Plugin will deliver. 

Motorpress, a very well known group of developers, made this plugin. Using their 7 years of experience in the web content tool-making business, they are supporting various business entities like startups, creative projects, and other niches with diverse interests.

Get blocks like Section Block, Advanced Heading Block, Banner Block, Button Group Block, Testimonial Block, Contact Form Block, and other unique and efficient blocks. In this era of multipurpose products, Getwid is indeed an all in one solution.

Key Features:

  • Freemium 
  • 40+ Comprehensive Gutenberg BLock 
  • 35+ Pre-made Gutenberg Design Templates
  • Extensive Customizable WordPress Gutenberg Blocks 
  • Great Usability 
  • Image Hotspot block
  • Section Block
  • Advanced heading Block
  • Button Group Block
  • Advanced Spacer Block

11. Otter Blocks: Gutenberg Blocks and Template library 

Otter Blocks Plugins

Otter is a significantly lightweight Gutenberg Block plugin that principally specializes in the complex web page building. Besides the basic Gutenberg editor, Otter adds a few extraordinary blocks to ensure the users a very superior page building experience.

Otter offers 13+ advanced Gutenberg blocks like Section Block, Advanced Heading Block, Post Grid Block, Font Awesome Block, and so many others. Unlike other Gutenberg plugins, all the Blocks from Otter plugin is super easy to customize and user-friendly.

The Section Block from Otter Block plugin deserves some praising words. This block provides the users the freedom to build columns and different layouts in Gutenberg.

On the other hand, this plugin also provides a library of beautiful prebuilt Gutenberg compatible templates. These templates are block editor friendly and easily customizable. Hence they are super easy to use, and you can import them with one click.

Key Features: 

  • Prebuilt Gutenberg Compatible templates 
  • Complex Page Building For Any Websites
  • Customizable Section Block
  • Advanced Button Group Block
  • Pricing Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Super Lightweight Plugin
  • Service Block
  • Awesome Font Block
  • Testimonial Block

12. WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

WooCommerce Blocks Plugins

WooCommerce Blocks, which is also called WooTenberg, is the best possible plugin for eCommerce websites. This plugin provides every necessary block for eCommerce. Hence the WooCommerce product showcasing is very comfortable in the Gutenberg editor.

Feature your products in Gutenberg in just a few clicks with the product featuring block. Use this plugin to get features like Control text alignment, editable CTA button, high impact fashion, override product photo, and such many super useful features.

Additionally, you can filter your products based on their categories, sales statistics, prices, or other factors. The plugin comes with features that let you display unrelated products, choosing them individually. You can also Rearrange your product showcase in different orders.

Key Features:

  • Featured Products Block
  • Top Rated Products Block
  • Best Selling Products Block
  • Display Hand-Picked Products
  • Showcase Latest Products
  • Reviews by Category 
  • Product search Block 
  • Display On Sale Products 
  • Price Filter Block 
  • Display All Reviews on a Page or Blog. 

13. Disable Gutenberg

Disable Gutenberg is the plugin for the users who want to switch back to the classic WordPress editor. Indeed, the classics never go out of taste. On the other hand, the Gutenberg editor isn’t so compelling that the alternatives will lose all their business to it. 

Evolving as a WordPress user, or anything for that matter is always tricky. Not everyone welcomes change, and subsequently, not every WordPress user has adopted the new Gutenberg block editor. This population prefers to disable the plugin altogether. 

This plugin comes as a simple solution to this problem. To disable the Gutenberg editor, simply activate the plugin! Disable Gutenberg completely hides all the settings and restores the classic editor. The other settings customize the use of the Gutenberg editor in the plugin settings.

In the custom settings, you can manually disable the Gutenberg for any particular post, page, user role, menu item, etc. Disable Gutenberg is so light and easy to use that you and your website both won’t feel even a bit of complication while it’s activated.

Key Features:

  • Disable Gutenberg Completely
  • Great Usability, Clean & Secure Code 
  • Disable Gutenberg For Particular Posts 
  • Hide Plugin Menu Options 
  • Disable Gutenberg For Any User Role
  • Custom Disable Gutenberg For Posts/Pages
  • Choose Editors For Each Post 
  • Disable Gutenberg Frontend Stylesheet
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Smooth Performance, Flexibility, and Security
  • Single Click Restore Option

14. Qubly- Blocks and Page Builder

Qubely Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Qubely is a complete Gutenberg plugin with custom blocks, starter packs, predefined sections for an ultimate quality web building experience. This amazing Gutenberg block plugin both minimizes the limitation and expands the possibilities of the Gutenberg editor.

The reason Qubely is said to be a full-fledged Gutenberg block plugin, it is furnished with immense options and features and possibilities for WordPress users. Only a few other plugins in the market offer such versatility and numerous opportunities and options for the users.

Qubely comes with 13+ amazing blocks that offer out of the box styling opportunity for the web designers. As its core features, you will get blocks like Modern layout packs., Shape divider, Built-in animation, Device Specific responsiveness, Custom CSS field.

Other than these core features, Qubely provides 25+ blocks that work to give your website a fantastic outlook. And also, the developers are adding new features and blocks every month. Regular feature updates indicate a promising future ahead for Qubely.

Key Features:

  • 32+ Exclusive and Powerful Gutenberg Blocks
  • 150+ Prebuilt Page Sections 
  • Custom Layout Builder
  • Advanced Customizable Row Columns 
  • Classic & Gradient Color and Custom Background
  • Full Fledged Gutenberg Block Editor 
  • Built-In Animations
  • Box-shadow Feature
  • Advanced Typography and Styling Options
  • Customize Device Specific Responsiveness Settings 

15. Gutenberg Blocks Collection – Qodeblock

Qodeblock: Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Qodeblock is a Gutenberg blocks plugin developed with the sole purpose of improving WordPress website design and user experience. This plugin not only covers the missing blocks from the basic Gutenberg editor but also offers smooth user experience with powerful functionality.

Qodeblock offers a collection of page building blocks to improve content management such as images, paragraphs, galleries columns, and more. Additionally, you will face little to no difficulty in gaining full control over the blocks, enabling you to create and launch any kind of website.

Get 14+ beneficial Gutenberg blocks like Advanced Column Block, Accordion block, CTA block, Button block, Testimonial blocks, post & page grid blocks, etc. Altogether it’s a complete package for every WordPress user who is looking for a complete block solution.

Besides, Qodeblock offers several customizable beautiful page layouts, engaging site building blocks with handy tutorials, and helpful guideline articles to allow the users the best use of this plugin. Indeed, the developers are working hard to reach and keep their users.

Key Features: 

  • 14+ Exclusive Gutenberg blocks
  • Advanced Columns Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Drop Cap Block
  • Button Blocks 
  • Easy Customization
  • Fully Compatible 
  • Supers Lightweight and Flexible
  • Speed Optimized for Fast Performance 
  • Awesome Responsiveness 

Which Gutenberg Block Plugins You Find Most Useful?

It’s always the most challenging job for the users to find the most useful plugin for them unless they have used it for a long time. Yet we have tried to acquaint you with the most popular Gutenberg block plugins plugins WordPress Gutenberg users find impressive. 

We will appreciate you sharing with us about the plugin you find most useful and why. Hence both the other users and we get a more in-depth insight on the Pros and Cons of these Gutenberg block plugins.

You can decide on the right Gutenberg Block Plugin to install through a healthy and knowledgeable discussion on this article in the comment section.


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