7 Best WordPress Grid Plugins to Decorate your WordPress Blogs

Generally, people who are visiting websites online are looking for content that interests them. If your web site post grid or blog layout isn’t attractive, there is a significantly less possibility of holding those visitors. Hence, having interesting and functional WordPress grid plugins is your best shot.

If you want to look unique, you need to create custom post grids. Besides, there are always layout templates that you can tweak to create your desired unique WordPress post grid. WordPress grid plugins offer a lot of similar cool features.

The 7 Best WordPress Grid Plugins:

There are plenty of WordPress grid plugins out there in the market. As a result, it’s always confusing to choose the plugin best-suited for your website.

Here, we have arranged the best WordPress grid plugins in the WordPress market. And also added some brief discussion so that you can have an insight of the plugins.

Let’s look at the best WordPress Grid Plugins.

1. Content Views Pro

Content Views is a very proficient  blog designer plugin.

Content Views is undoubtedly one of the most popular and efficient WordPress grid plugins. If you want a solid build and a professional post grid management for your WordPress website, it’s the one you should choose.

You can choose to display your contents in grids, collapsible lists, and scrollable lists. While displaying the post grids, you can choose the posts by particular tags, categories, authors, ids. Besides, you can also choose to display blog posts with specific keywords.

Content views offer to display the featured images in the post grid gallery. Besides, you can sort the posts by date title. Notably, unlike some other WordPress grid plugins, Content Views don’t collect any user information or data.

Precisely, there are 100 thousand users who are using that plugin currently. Well, a blogger may come coloring things up, but 100 thousand users are unquestionably telling anything but the truth.

Key Features:

  • Display posts in Grid, List, Masonry, Glossary, Facebook, Pinterest, etc layouts
  • Display posts by categories, authors, rag, ID, recent posts
  • Post by shortcodes
  • Support advanced custom fields, custom post type UI
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly post grid plugin
  • Grid layouts for blog, Category, Search, and archive pages
  • Advanced sorting options-custom field, random order, drag & drop
  • Choose posts with specific keywords
  • Sort posts by date and title
  • Customizable image media thumbnails for Youtube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo
  • Social sharing for WordPress posts
  • Display featured images grid gallery
  • GDPR compliance (Do not store any personal user data)
  • Supports advertisement (Google AdSense, HTML banner) on post grids

Content Views Pro Pricing:

Developer Business Personal
$199 $89 $39
Unlimited Sites 5 Sites Single Site
1 Year of Support & Updates 1 Year of Support & Updates 1 Year of Support & Updates
All Pro Features Included All Pro Features Included All Pro Features Included

2. Display Posts 

Display Posts is a WordPress blog layouts plugins to design and decorate your blog posts.

The Display Posts is one of the simplest WordPress grid plugins you could get for your WordPress website. The plugin is prevalent for its on-point features and superb usability. Notably, the features the developers of Display Posts have implemented are delivered impressively.

You can display Grid layouts and List layouts mainly. However, there are a limited number of styling for the posts. Additionally, you get features like filter by categories, query parameters, display parameters, different template parts, filters, etc.

Display Posts is all about shortcodes. Nowadays, using shortcodes is not very convenient in case of customizing the posts thoroughly. There are plenty of limitations. But unlike any other WordPress grid plugins, Display Posts has made very proficient use of shortcodes.

WordPress users love simplicity. Hence, Display Posts has got 100 thousand users worldwide. If you are not a sophisticated user and feel comfortable with a limited number of features, Display Post is an excellent solution for you. 

Key Features:

  • Shortcodes everywhere
  • Grid and List layouts
  • Query parameters
  • Display parameters (Title, Excerpt, Images, etc.)
  • Template Parts to match the theme’s post listing
  • Output filters
  • Transient cache 
  • Column extension   
  • Alphabetically display 
  • Multiple authors in one post
  • Pagination settings extension
  • Image Pinch zooming

Display Posts Pricing: Free

3. Post Grid Pro

Post Grid is a WordPress post grid plugins to decorate your blogs.

Post Grid provides the users the ability to make unlimited post grids in grid and list layouts. In this post grid plugin, the post grids are handy in arranging blog posts, products, portfolios, media, etc. Besides, it is very responsive and comes with a quality number of features to design your blog.

Post Grid offers 29+ ready skins, layout creator CSS, customizable layouts, standard pagination, custom taxonomy, and many other features. Also, you can make the necessary customizations like height, width, margin, padding, etc. Besides, some masonry layouts are also available.

It’s not mandatory for you to be a WordPress pro to use this plugin. Click on the mouse a few times. Create a few dynamic shortcodes. That’s all required to create attractive post grids using this plugin. At this moment, 60 thousand people are trusting this WordPress grid plugin.

Key Features: 

  • Skin & layout based grid plugin 
  • Unlimited post grids
  • Advanced Ajax pagination support 
  • Any custom post
  • Advanced custom fields
  • Search input field
  • Advanced post query settings 
  • Easy shortcode creation
  • Include/Exclude posts by IDs
  • Advanced media sources
  • Event manager
  • 3rd party plugin support (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, etc.)

Post Grid Pricing:

Starter (1 Domain)$29 (Update & Support)$99 (Update & Support)
Developer (10 Domains) $99 (Update & Support) $199 (Update & Support)
Business (100 Domains) $199 (Update & Support) $299 (Update & Support)

4. Guten Post Layout Pro

Guten Post Layout Pro is  the best WordPress grid plugins to design your blog impressively. There are many types of WordPress grid plugins but no one comes around The Guten Post Layout Pro.

Guten Post Layout Pro is a unique WordPress grid plugin. I say so because it comes with the ability to customize everything on a WordPress blog post. Get thousands of combinations of post grids without using any code.

Guten Post Layout Pro is a very competent solution for the users who want to customize everything on a post grid. It offers 15+ built-in layouts in Grid, List, Slider, and Masonry. Besides, you can create custom post types and create any custom posts.

Unlike other WordPress grid plugins, it provides Query settings, Filter settings, Pagination settings, Additional settings, Style settings, and many more to create an elegant post grid decoration.

If you’re looking for a WordPress grid plugin that provides you enough versatility and stability along with super comfort, Guten Post Layout is the solution for you. Here, you can customize your post grids and design your own.

  • 15+ built-in interactive layouts
  • Grid, Slider, List, and Masonry styles
  • Advanced Filter Settings
  • Full customizable Advanced Settings Panel
  • Ajax pagination settings 
  • Custom post query 
  • Custom Post Types
  • Heading settings 
  • Toggle meta options 
  • Setting up equal height for post images
  • Custom post Background
  • Adding Box Shadow

Guten Post Layout Pro Pricing:

Single Site license Agency License Unlimited License
1 Domain20 DomainUnlimited Domains

5) Blog Designer Pro: 

Blog Designer Pro is a WordPress plugin with hundreds of template layouts to decorate your blog.

Blog Designer Pro is one of the newest WordPress grid plugins that have made a name in the WordPress community. It is because they have the most extensive collection of post grid layout templates.

Blog Designer Pro will be great for you if you don’t want to pressurize your brain and keep on working with templates. You get 50+ blog template layouts, 47+ Single post design templates, 50+ post category designs, 50 tag post design, 50 author page design! It’s an all-in-one package!

Not only that, there is plenty of individual Grid, Slider, Masonry, Magazine, and Timeline layouts templates for your daily use. Indeed, it’s more than you could ever ask for.

Though there is an extensive collection of template plugins, the settings panel seems limited. I believe it’s because of the large number of templates. Perhaps they could’ve added a few more customization features.

Key Features: 

  • 40+ demo blog layout templates
  • 200+ different design demos
  • Blog layout settings
  • Category layout design
  • Full-width layouts
  • Meta layout design 
  • Taxonomy post filer 
  • 40+ single blog design 
  • Browser compatible and responsive 
  • Pagination settings 
  • 800+ Google font support 
  • 600+ font icons support 
  • 48+ Grid, Slider, Magazine, and Timeline layout templates

Blog Designer Pro Pricing: $49 Per License

6. The Post Grid Pro

The Post grid is a responsive and mobile friendly WordPress grid plugin.

The Post Grid is a responsive & mobile friendly WordPress grid plugin that displays your posts in grid, list, and isotope view. You don’t need to use a single line of code to use the plugin at its fullest.

The Post Grid offers you 55+ default template layouts. You can also display your post grids by selecting category, keywords, tags, title, order post id, modified data, and menu order.

You can also select the number of Columns from 4 default layouts, Image Source, Image Size, Pagination, and Excerpt limit from all the layouts.

There is an option for you to select the fields you want to display. The style option can help set the primary color and Button color.

Key Features:

  • 55+ layouts 
  • Custom post type support 
  • Private layout
  • Even and Masonry Grid
  • Display posts by (category, tags, authors, keywords, status, date)
  • All Text color, size, and Button Color control
  • Overlay color and opacity
  • AJAX Pagination (Number, Load more and Load on Scrolling)
  • Social Share on a popup
  • Isotope filter for any taxonomy ie. categories, tags
  • Override default page template (Category, Tag, Search)

The Post Grid Pro Pricing:

Single Site 5 Sites Unlimited Sites

7. News & Blog Designer Pack Pro

News & Blog Designer Pack Pro a very great WordPress grid plugin for News Magazine and blog websites

If you are looking for a handy WordPress grid plugin to create a blog page or a news page on your website, News & Blog Designer Pack is an option to consider. Whether you want to create a blog or news magazine website, it helps you.

Blog Designer Pack Pro is a complete shortcode based WordPress grid plugin. If you want to use it differently, you need different shortcodes. There are 7 shortcodes, but there are plenty more to make your tasks easier. They have provided a live shortcode generator.

News & Blog Designer Pack Pro provides 90+ news and blog designs in different layouts like Grid, Slide, List, Masonry, Post Ticket, and many others. It’s clear that you don’t need to worry about your blog design’s versatility with this plugin.

You get Post type, Customs Tags, Featured post, Category Grid, Trending post, Category slider, and so many other cool features with the News & Blog Designer Pro Pack WordPress grid plugin.

Key Features:

  • 90+ News & Blog design templates 
  • Multiple News & Blog layouts 
  • Any custom post types
  • Supports all custom taxonomy
  • Display blogs in timeline view 
  • Category Grid/Slider view
  • 5 types of Pagination 
  • Live shortcode generator 
  • 100% multilingual 
  • Drag & Drop post-order change
  • Trending/Features post functionality

News & Blog Designer Pack Pro Pricing:

Single Site License 5 Sites License 25 Sites LicenseUnlimited Sites
$39 $69$99$199


As you have read the blog thoroughly, you have a brief idea about the WordPress grids plugins mentioned here. Many different features make these plugin superiors in their own field of specialty.

Now, you have to decide what you want for your WordPress blog or posts. You should go for the plugins that offer the features you find most suitable for your needs.

And please don’t forget to share with us your opinions on these WordPress grid plugins. If you know about some other and better WordPress grid plugin, please comment here and let us know.

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