Use Alt tags and Alt texts Properly on Your WordPress Blogs

Most SEO experts strongly emphasize on using title tags and alt texts more efficiently. It’s become more authentic since the tweet of Google’s John Mueller.

Images create meaningful impressions. It’s because humans significantly interact with the visual. Hence using images is essential.

But, Google doesn’t have eyes! Thus it can’t see the images you are using in your WordPress website. In this manner, how do you make Google aware of the picture?

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Here, you use alt tags and texts. The Goggle crawlers scan your images and read the tags & texts used in an image. Therefore, Goggle understands your image. On the other hand, if a user is unable to see the image, he can read the alt title and text. A screen reader also works similarly.

When you’re attaching an image to your WordPress site or post, make sure to add alt title and alt texts. While adding the title and tags, make sure that it includes your keyphrase.

On an important note, make sure that the title & text arent long and includes enough information. Use straightforward and clean words. Because Google AI is collecting the data, and it follows an algorithm that recommends clean texts.

Also, avoid writing information on the image. Google often takes it negatively. The ultimate and most accurate key to success is, “Keep it as simple as possible.”

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