Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

Adding custom CSS allows you to change the appearance setting of your WordPress site or theme in a more professional way. Hence, the outlook becomes more catchy and attractive.

Generally, WordPress allows you to create a handsome and efficient website with the least knowledge. In case you want to make your outlook more attractive and elegant, you need to add custom CSS.

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Nowadays, most of the website owners try to enrich their WordPress websites. They use multiple front languages, including CSS. CSS allows customizing the layouts, fonts, colors, margins, font sizes, etc.

Say, you want a particular button of your theme to be black, which is blue in default. Go to appearance setting and use a few lines of code, and it’s done.

Also, you have to add the CSS for every specific theme and plugin you want to use it. Hence whenever you change your theme or switch to another plugin, you have to add custom CSS code again.

As can be seen, it’s more comfortable for you to add some custom CSS codes rather than getting into the heart of a theme and plugin. Tweaking is always better than recreating the core code.

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