WP Social Ninja- The all-in-one WordPress Social Plugin for Social Reviews, Social Feeds, and Live Chat

Are you struggling with adding your social reviews to your Website?

If the answer is affirmative, stop worrying. You are in the right place to solve this issue. WP Social Ninja, a WordPress Social Review plugin has come with plenty of useful features to solve the social review plugin issues forever.

What is WP Social Ninja Plugin?

Social Reviews, Social Feed, Social chat, WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninjathe most advanced and efficient social review integration plugin ever for WordPress websites, has arrived in the market. This plugin is developed and maintained by a team of proficient WordPress experts. 

The boring days of installing one plugin for each social platform are over. One single social review plugin automatically collects and displays all your social media account reviews from different platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zomato, and more.

Why Use WP Social Ninja Plugin?

WP Social Ninja plugin offers you features that only WP Social Ninja Plugin can deliver! You may consider this a joke, but its the ultimate reality. No other WordPress social review plugin currently in the market offers such efficiency and productivity.

Starting on its robust construction, simple integration, interface, and most importantly, the multi-platform review collection capability makes it one of a kind in the WordPress market. In simpler words, a solid and super-efficient social review plugin in the WordPress market.

Nowadays, user ratings and reviews became one crucial factor when it comes to improving business reputation. Significantly, you should decorate your website with the good reviews and ratings you’ve received from the clients. Hence, the WP Social Ninja plugin comes to fulfill your needs.

Features & Functionalities of Social Ninja Plugin

WP Social Ninja has got some fantastic and robust features that make it unique and significant in performance. Such as,

Multiple Social Platforms

Social Reviews, Social Feed, Social chat, WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja plugin is an amazing built WordPress plugin with a purpose to display multiple social site’s reviews on your Website only by a few clicks.

This plugin imports all your client ratings and reviews from different social platforms and displays them on your website in a nicer and more gathered way. Hence, your clients don’t need to seek into the different social platforms to know the user ratings and comments.

Here, WP Social Ninja plugin is very effective and got easy usability considering non-coder users who want to beautify their websites with reviews and recommendations from social media like Google or Facebook and top reviews sites like Yelp or Zomato.

Currently, we are working on a target to provide 10+ different leading social platforms integration.

Configure Your Social Platforms Easily:

Social Reviews, Social Feed, Social chat, WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja comes up with a very simple integration process. Keeping in mind about different users all around the globe, we’ve created a very straightforward process of integration.

The simplistic design of WP Social Ninja allows it to integrate easily with your social accounts. No extra complex coding is not necessary. Copy-paste the API Key and then the Place ID, click to Finalize. Done!

Social Feeds and Chats

Social Feeds and Chat

Don’t limit your users to only regular website chat windows. WP Social Ninja plugin will allow your users to do live chats using their social media accounts. Once the visitors are on your website, they can click, select, and start chatting with the admin or the support department.

Here, you can also add WP Social Ninja plugin as the direct feed medium with your social media platforms. Integrate your social media feeds update directly on your WordPress website. Communicate like never before!

Multiple Rating Styles and Layouts

Multiple Rating Styles and Layouts

Visual always plays a vital role while representing or showcasing any data or information. Henceforth, WP Social Ninja plugin has come up with a bunch of options that won’t limit your vision. You can choose as you wish.

Significantly, the plugin provides you different Grid, Slider or Masonry layouts to arrange the data i.e. the reviews, recommendations, feeds, etc. Whereas you also get various kinds of ratings, numerical reviews stars review styles to showcase your reviews.

Not only this but also get a lot of other customization options like displaying the User Name/Date/Image, Equal Content heights/length, trimming reviews, etc.

Review Sync Intervals

Review Sync Intervals

Getting reviews and ratings is a regular process. You keep getting them all the time. Manually syncing them is a tedious idea. Hence, WP Social Ninja syncs all your reviews from different social accounts automatically after a minimal interval. The interval is so least that you wouldn’t feel it.

VIP Support

Social Reviews, Social Feed, Social chat, WP Social Ninja, VIP Support

While using the WP Social Ninja, never feel alone. It’s very usual for the users to feel complicated or fall in a deadlock while using any particular plugin. The same goes for WP Social Ninja.

Purchasing WP Social Ninja enlists to you an elite club of the users where you get exceptional and VIP support responses. Whenever you come up with a query, question, or assistance, our specialist support team is always there for you to help you out. Just open a support ticket from here and you will get the fastest support.

Final Thoughts

According to the current WordPress plugin market, WP Social Ninja is about to be an absolute groundbreaking product. None other WordPress plugins in the market are currently offering or capable of delivering such robust features at a time.

As a WordPress user and struggler, I would personally recommend installing and using WP Social Ninja for test purposes. If you start the engine, the product itself starts shifting the gears for you!


In excellent, this is quite simple and clear to illustrate that WP Social Ninja plugin is a futuristic plugin for WordPress.

Significantly, the development process and the pro features put it ahead of other WordPress social Ninja plugins. You can get try the free version on your WordPress website as a test drive.

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